3 Important Things a Specialist Chiropractor Does Different
November 8, 2017

Whether you have been to a chiropractor in the past or not, most people associate the kind of care you would find in a Tacoma chiropractor's office as either cracking necks or popping backs.

In many cases, that's a pretty succinct description.

In fact, a lot of chiropractors thrive in a situation where they have "crack addicts" who come to see them regularly because the process of having their neck cracked or back popped feels good. It keeps them feeling flexible, reduces stress, and can have lots of other benefits, too.

So what does a "specialist" chiropractor do differently and - more importantly - why would you care?

#1 - A Specialist Chiropractor Focuses on Restoring Optimal Health

There are many kinds of specialty chiropractors in Tacoma and they all have their own unique elements. Atkins Chiropractic, for instance, is an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic office. The goal of Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic care is to restore the body to peak operating efficiency. When your body is free of nerve interference - called vertebral subluxation - you feel better, heal more quickly, and don't get sick as easily. This condition of optimal health enables you to live life to its fullest without feeling tired all the time, too.

#2 - A Specialist Chiropractor is the "Master" of Their Area of Focus

Dr. Atkins specializes as an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in Tacoma because he understands the incredibly vital responsibility he has as a health care provider. One thing that many people do not know about the Atlas Orthogonal method is that it is pain-free and incredibly gentle. Dr. Atkins doesn't "crack" your neck or "pop" your back (like a standard chiropractor) but instead puts his focus on the "Atlas" bone at the base of the skull. Think about the status of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders; your "Atlas" bone does the same thing, but with your entire head!

Atlas Orthogonal care utilizes a sound wave instrument to deliver a very precise adjustment to the "Atlas" bone without putting pressure on you or twisting/pulling you around. In fact, most patients don't even feel the adjustment at all! Dr. Atkins utilizes X-Ray and imaging technologies to monitor the position and condition of the "Atlas" bone before and after the adjustment to ensure that his work is accurate.

#3 - A Specialist Chiropractor Excels at the Impossible

The obvious warning goes here: results may vary. Everyone's body is unique and everyone's life experiences are different, but Dr. Atkins has a reputation in the Tacoma area for being the specialist that other doctors refer their patients to when they don't make the progress they want to make with reducing or eliminating pain, low energy, and many other problems that can be addressed by an Atlas Orthogonal specialist chiropractor in Tacoma.

Since Dr. Atkins's care is so unique, he asks every potential patient to complete a 45 minute new patient evaluation. During that time, he is able to determine if you are a good fit for his specialization. You will have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Atkins to share your health history as well as complete a few non-invasive tests and exams. By the end of this appointment, you will better understand how Dr. Atkins's care works, how it can help you, and what your personal health plan may look like.

New Patient Special Offer

3 Things You Don't Associate with a Tacoma Chiropractor (but should)
November 1, 2017

Do you suffer from recurring headaches? You should see a chiropractor.

Do you have a stiff neck? You should see a chiropractor.

Is your back sore? You should see a chiropractor.

...but that's all that chiropractors do, isn't it? Nope!

The central nervous system controls the body's vital organs and parts. The majority of the direction provided by the central nervous system is subconscious: you probably don't spend a great deal of your time actively telling your pancreas what to do. Therefore, when issues in posture and spinal positioning impact the central nervous system's communication, all sorts of problems can occur.

Spinal Chart

We call issues related to the spine "subluxations". They are nerve interference or damage that cause the body and mind to miscommunicate, misfunction, or invite disease. When we identify and remove spinal subluxations, we restore the body's ability to self-heal and self-manage.

Take a look at the chart above and skim through some of the symptons that potentially indicate malfunction or dis-ease. Are you surprised to see some of them there? Issues like asthma, anxiety, allergies, and even bowel issues and indigestion potentially stem from subluxations.

How do you know if you have subluxations?

There is no "at home" testing for subluxations. In fact, a general practitioner won't be able to help, either. A chiropractor is the only one who can tell you if you have subluxations.

Dr. Atkins, a Tacoma chiropractor, offers new patients a painless and simple way to understand if subluxations are the potential cause of the symptoms or dis-ease that they deal with. New patients visiting Dr. Atkins will find a straightforward, rapid testimg process that involves NO "crack and snap". In a single 45-minute appointment, patients will complete a series of non-invasive screenings and tests to help Dr. Atkins understand their unique situation. When those tests are complete, Dr. Atkins will be able to discuss the potential for removing the subluxation and improving your health. There is no "one size fits all" solution, so your 1-on-1 consultation is the best way to discover the potential to unlock your wellness and restore your body's optimal health.

Discover the difference with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

Why See a Tacoma Chiropractor for Fibromyalgia
September 19, 2017

For those who suffer from Fibromyalgia, it can be an incredibly painful and frustrating disorder. Many Fibromyalgia sufferers remark that even friends and family doubt the severity of the problem because of the varied and sometimes seemingly random symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. The most common symptoms of Fibromyalgia may include:

  • Widespread pain that you may describe as an ache that doesn't ever quite go away. This isn't something that hangs around for a few days - the aching stays around for months on end. It can be described as a widespread pain that occurs on both sides of your body - both above and below your waist.
  • Fatigue is an incredibly frustrating part of Fibromyalgia's symptoms. You may often awaken tired even after sleeping for longer than 8 hours at a time. You probably wake up in the midst of sleep with pain. Plenty of Fibromyalgia patients have other sleep disorders like restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea.
  • Cognitive difficulty is a clinical term that refers to the feeling of having a "fog" around your head that make it difficult to focus on the task at hand, pay attention to the people around you, or think through problems or tasks in your own head.

...but it doesn't even stop there. Fibromyalgia often "lives" with other painful conditions, such as:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Migraine and other types of headaches
  • Interstitial cystitis or painful bladder syndrome
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders

When you read through this, you have to admit: Fibromyalgia sounds awful (and that's because it is). Unfortunately, it is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed conditions BECAUSE of the heavy variety of symptoms and seemingly random nature of when those symptoms appear.

Did you know that a special type of chiropractor - called an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor - practices a unique type of adjustment that is both pain-free and capable of rapid results? Atkins Chiropractic in Tacoma, home of Dr. Pete Atkins, is an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropracic office. Take a quick look at this video from The Doctors that explains a bit about the care we provide.

First Appointment

Migraine Headache Relief for Tacoma Residents
September 6, 2017

Peter Atkins

Unless you've experienced the debilitating, overwhelming pain associated with migraine headaches, you really can't understand how much of a problem they really are. For many who suffer from migraine headaches in Tacoma Washington, the reality is that the pain isn't even the worst part: it's the fact that migraines can come at any time, for any reason, and make you put your life on hold.

Dr. Pete Atkins with Atkins Chiropractic is ready to set the record straight on the best way to get migraine relief in Tacoma, Washington.

First, you need to understand the options that you have available. While migraine headaches can happen for a variety of reasons, they are typically associated with short-term and long-term origins.

Short-term migraine headaches are most likely the result of specific events. Whether you've been burning the candle at both ends or eating more junk food than usual, unhealthy behaviors - particularly in stressful times - can bring on migraine headaches. Your body is telling you that it needs balance in order to stay healthy. Take time to assess how you are feeling and what may have changed recently to cause the migraines.

For sufferers of chronic migraines, it is a much different story. These pains and events are not the result of additional stress, poor diets, or other environmental causes. No, chronic migraines are much more mysterious complications to life. Many chronic sufferers are surrounded by doubters who just don't understand how debilitating chronic migraines can be.

What if I told you that migraine headaches had everything to do with your back?

Your central nervous system is the "manager" of all of your body's functionality. It communicates back and forth with every part of your body in order to do everything. When there is a problem in your spine, it prevents the nervous system from communicating effectively - like a kinked hose or a phone with spotty reception. When this happens, problems like migraine headaches appear because the body is interpreting an imperfect message!

Here's what I would like you to do.

In reality, it's hard to know if occasional or persistent headaches are the result of problems (which we call subluxations) in the spine. The only way to know for certain is to have a non-invasive chiropractic exam. During this exam, we will scan your spine, ask some questions, and build a health profile for you. This profile will help us determine if there are problems that can be causing migraines or making them worse. If my care is right for you, we will lay out a plan to get you healthy as well as ways to avoid recreating the problem in the future.

Low Energy Is Not Normal: Tacoma Chiropractor Dr. Pete Atkins Explains Why
August 23, 2017

Tired Waitress

When you go to the grocery store, you’ll undoubtedly pass an aisle near the pain relief and cold medicines that is chock full of energy products. From little shots of liquid to full size drinks and other oddities, the energy drink market is an incredibly large one. Whether you work long hours, work odd hours, or are busy chasing pets and children, there aren’t many of us who haven’t tried one of these products or at least thought about doing it.

But why are these products emerging NOW? Why haven’t they been around for decades? Are we just getting more tired than the generations before us? Dr. Pete Atkins with Atkins Chiropractic in Tacomaweighs in on the subject of low energy and the ways we address it.

“I absolutely think that there are many people today who don’t take care of themselves and are feeling more tired more often because of it. The digital revolution has made it incredibly easy to stay connected no matter where we are or what time of day it may be and many people feel compelled to stay connected. When you’re ‘on’ for too long, your body’s sleep rhythms have trouble keeping up and your body can’t get the healing time it needs.”

Having low energy and feeling tired throughout the day is the body’s way of warning us that we need to have some down time to recuperate! Energy shots, drinks, and supplements try to “override” those warnings by pumping extra vitamins into the body quickly so that you can “jump start” yourself and get back on the move WITHOUT the vital rest that your body needs.

“I don’t suggest the use of energy drinks or supplements to any of my patients - they’re a really bad idea if you step back and think about it.” says Dr. Atkins. “You don’t want to mask the symptoms that your body is expressing to you and you sure don’t want to try to bypass those symptoms. You need the rest, you need to unplug, and you need to make sure your body is at optimal health so that your rest is meaningful.”

“When you have alignment issues in your spine, it causes havoc throughout your body. Your central nervous system winds through your spine, so when you have an alignment problem, it’s like putting a kink in a garden hose. When a hose is kinked, water can’t get through to take care of the plants at the end of the hose. From a distance, the hose looks fine, and there is SOME water coming out, so you could convince yourself that there is no reason to worry about the kink. Unfortunately, malnourished plants quickly die! Your body does the same thing - when your organs don’t get their instructions from the brain or when blood doesn’t flow properly to all parts of your body, you can’t operate efficiently. When your body can’t operate efficiently, your rest does little to restore you. This means that getting eight hours of sleep STILL won’t address your low energy problems. You really need to find and address the kinks so that you can restore yourself with good sleep and get out of the low energy “fog” that you probably feel.”

Dr. Atkins is combating low energy by offering new patients the ability to come in, discuss their health history with him, complete non-invasive chiropractic screenings and tests, and then get a personal action plan for addressing any problems that Dr. Atkins may find. Atkins Chiropractic in Tacomaspecializes in addressing neck and spine issues that cause problems like low energy, sleeplessness, and similar issues. Dr. Atkins offers adjustments to get you back to 100%, but they are pain free and much more gentle than other chiropractors.

Learn more about how Atkins Chiropractic in Tacoma can help you naturally and safely address low energy issues so that you can get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible.

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain: Atkins Chiropractic in Tacoma Shares a Plan
August 8, 2017

Female Chiropractor With Spine

Dr. Pete Atkins has been helping patients in Tacoma, Washington to get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible for many years. During that time, he has treated a variety of problems, but one comes up more often than anything else: lower back pain.

“Lower back pain is something that a lot of people experience.” Dr. Atkins explains. “Unfortunately, a vast majority of people don’t take the time to understand WHY they are experiencing lower back pain, which means that they aren’t able to address the root cause and get away from it.”

Dr. Atkins goes on to discuss the notion that lower back pain can be a pretty serious issue. When you experience lower back pain, it is a symptom of a problem - not the problem itself. Many people are quick to reach for pain killers to dull the symptoms. This is the equivalent of putting electrical tape over the “check engine” light in your car! You won’t experience the warning anymore, but it sure doesn’t address the problem - ignoring it only makes it worse.

The problems that bring lower back pain are most commonly found in the spine and how the spine is aligned. Over time, a person may do things to develop and worsen alignment issues in their spine. As those problems continue to develop, they bring lower back pain and a variety of other problems. Pain relievers won’t address the root cause and “just dealing with it” won’t make a person any healthier, either. The body is a self healing, self regulating system that is designed to have optimal health. When optimal health can’t be obtained, a chiropractor is the best choice for addressing the issues and restoring health.

“People in Tacoma don’t come to me because of the pain they experience in their lower back. They come to me because of what that pain stops them from doing. If you are a grandparent, you want to be able to play with your grandchildren, but lower back pain can make you sit out from making those memories. If you’re an athlete, lower back pain can cause you to miss workouts or practice, impacting your performance. If you work in the service industry, lower back pain keeps you from connecting with your customers and really making the difference you want. No matter who you are or what you do, lower back pain causes an incredible number of complications and stops life from happening. I’m tired of this and I want to do my part to help.”

Dr. Atkins is offering a new patient special to sufferers of lower back pain so that they can understand what he does, how it helps, and what the cost is to get healthy. The first appointment is complimentary and includes 1-on-1 time with Dr. Atkins to discuss personal health history, a full set of chiropractic exams to discover the root problem, and a personal plan for addressing the problems, the anticipated costs, and the length of time to get out of pain.

“If you’re in Tacoma and want to get healthy, please give me a call. I offer gentle and pain free adjustments that are simply unlike anything you’ve ever pictured with a chiropractor. I have many patients who are ready to share their stories of transformation with you, too. I want to take care of my neighbors so that we can all get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible.”

Tacoma Chiropractor Dr. Pete Atkins Wants to Talk About Your Neck Pain
August 2, 2017

Dr. Pete Atkins has been a chiropractor in Tacoma, Washington for many years. During his time working in the area, he has treated many members of the community for a variety of issues, including migraines, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, low energy, athletic injuries, and neck pain. Dr. Atkins wants to talk about your neck pain so that you can better understand his position and how he can help.

“Neck pain is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed issues that I see in my Tacoma chiropractic office.” says Dr. Atkins. “Many medical doctors look at neck pain as little more than the twisting of an ankle or the stubbing of a toe. In time, it will subside, so they will give you pain pills to dull the pain and mask the issue altogether.”

Neck Pain

Many people who experience neck pain look to their medical doctor first, but should be aware of the kind of care that a chiropractor in Tacoma can give them. “I don’t believe in masking the symptoms and masking the pain - that isn’t true HEALTH care to me.” Dr. Atkins says. “Neck pain can be caused by a variety of things, and I have the technology and expertise to discover the root cause and then address the root cause. This enables my patients to feel better, STAY better, and have the BEST life possible. It’s why I became a chiropractor in Tacoma in the first place.”

Neck pain is certainly a symptom of an issue and it is most likely an issue in the alignment of the spine. You may “sleep funny” and wake up with neck pain, but that one night’s rest didn’t cause the pain - it exacerbated the problem and your body is using the pain to warn you about it. When your spine is out of alignment, you can develop subluxations at various points in your spine. As your central nervous system courses through your spine, these subluxations can choke off blood flow and nerve communication to any part of the body, resulting in disease, discomfort, and chronic problems.

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor before, you may not know that there are specialists of many different types, areas of focus, and methods of procedure. If you haven’t been to a chiropractor in the last few years, you probably have a very outdated image of what an adjustment looks and feels like. Dr. Atkins with Atkins Chiropractic is an “Atlas Orthogonal” specialist. He focuses on your neck and spine and how they help (or hurt) your central nervous system’s ability to communicate with your brain and primary organs. His adjustments are NOT what you'd expect, either! You may be picturing a doctor “snapping” “cracking” and “popping” necks and backs with sharp twists and rough pulls, but that is extremely outdated. In fact, Dr. Atkins specializes in a gentle and safe adjustment that puts very little pressure on your body and is pain free.

Stop dulling the symptoms of neck pain. Stop missing out on life’s precious moments because of neck pain. Get to the root cause of the problem so that you can get better, stay better, and have the best life possible. Contact Dt. Pete Atkins and schedule a pain free appointment today. He is ready to be YOUR chiropractor in Tacoma!

Tacoma Chiropractor Offers Fibromyalgia Relief
July 19, 2017

Fibromyalgia is a life changing disorder.

Many people are looking for help with fibromyalgia in Tacoma, Washington because they know how much it impacts their lives. Fibromyalgia symptoms often include widespread, amplified pain in musculoskeletal areas as well as other problems like:

  • fatigue
  • periods of extreme sleepiness
  • memory problems
  • mood swings

Fibromyalgia sufferers must often deal with the complications of the disorder for a very long time - there is no cure. While some medications for fibromylgia may reduce symptoms for a short time, they often come with side effects that simply cause more problems.

Return to the road

Tacoma chiropractor Dr. Peter Atkins of Atkins Chiropractic is taking a stand to increase awareness for Fibromyalgia sufferers, because there are more ways to address the disorder outside of prescription medications.

"Many people who deal with fibromyalgia resign themselves to just suffering through the pain and missing out on important parts of their life" says Dr. Atkins. "It's an awful thing to hear about - particularly when I have helped so many people deal with fibromyalgia in Tacoma."

There are some ways to reduce and control the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Exercise, finding time to relax, and discovering methods to reduce stress are all great, simple ways to lessen the burden of fibromyalgia.

As the disorder itself is directly associated your brain's processing of pain signals, it is vital to understand the link between fibromyalgia and the nervous system.

"The spine and the nervous system are the 'control panel' for the body's communication strucutre." Dr. Atkins explains. "When you have problems with your spine - which we call subluxations - it directly impacts your brain's ability to interpret and act upon signals from the body. Subluxations alter, delay, or eliminate the proper signals to the brain, and fibromyalgia's strong musculoskeletal pains are often a direct result. As a chiropractor in Tacoma, Washington, I have studied the impact that chiropractic care has on fibromyalgia. I have many patients who swear by my care because it helps them manage an otherwise nearly unmanageable disorder."

In order to help spread the message about chiropractic care in Tacoma for fibromyalgia sufferers, Dr. Atkins and the staff at Atkins Chiropractic are offering new patients the chance to come in for a first appintment, receive a full exam and set of scans, and speak with Dr. Atkins directly about their problems.

"Together, we can use the results from my scans and tests to determine how effective my chiropractic care will be at reducing and controlling fibromyalgia symptoms. If I can help, I am thrilled to do so. If there are better options, I will direct you to them. I've been a chiropractoc in Tacoma for many years and only want the best for my neighbors here in the community."

If you are struggling to manage your fibromyalgia, use the link below to learn more about Dr. Atkins' special offer for new patients.

Fibromyalgia patient offer

Migraine Relief in Tacoma, WA
April 12, 2017

Yes, it's possible to find migraine relief in Tacoma, Washington - without pills that just mask symptoms or medical appointments that seem to go nowhere.

When migraines strike, it's never a convenient time. In fact, they seem to lie in wait until the perfect moment to strike and ruin your plans or severely hamper your ability to perform at your best when you absolutely need your all.

Migraines come in many forms and feel different for many people. We regularly see new migraine patients at Atkins Chiropractic in Tacoma and understand just how important it is to find real migraine relief.

Take a look at this video testimonial from one of our patients. It's short and to the point, but how much do you wish you could say what she's saying now?

I want you to know that we're committed to helping you find migraine relief in Tacoma, Washington. We've been here for many years, seen many patients, but want you to know that you'll feel like our most important patient at all times. Migraines and the problems they cause are no small matter and we're ready to help you understand HOW to find relief and HOW to move on and enjoy the best health possible.

We produced a short guide that explains headaches and migraines - take a look using the button below. If you're ready to come in and talk to us about your problems, use this link to learn about and request your first chiropractic appointment.

You'll be glad you did.

Growing Older the Healthy Way
March 7, 2017


The number of people living longer lives is dramatically increasing! Over 40,000 people last year reached the age of 100 years old. In fact according to recent census projections, by 2050 over one million Americans will be making it to 100 years old! Although good genes do play a considerable role in these statistics, researchers are now starting to believe that chronic illnesses are not a consequence of aging, but often happens more likely from lifestyle choices that we can change! So, the big question: How can we live longer (and most importantly) healthier lives? This is what the experts at Atkins Chiropractic are saying:

Welcome a Positive Attitude. Research shows having a positive outlook, being optimistic, and hoping for the best is one of the keys to living a longer, healthier, and better quality of life. Positive emotions can directly affect your health by helping the immune function while also creating and strengthening bonds between supportive family and friends.

  1. Encourage Your Mind. The more educated we are, the likelihood is that we will live longer. The benefits of education are even more important with age. Most centenarians were studied to have taken advantage of opportunities and possibilities that were not possible for them in their earlier years. Some examples include second careers, musical instruction, writing, learning a new language, taking classes on travel, or volunteer activities.
  2. Get Rid of Stress and Stay Linked. Learn to manage your stress from work or home. Experimenting with meditation and exercise are good options to reduce tension and stressful environments. Also, stay close with your family and friends. Social connection guarantees we take better care of ourselves. Friends and family can also help you through hard times by offering different ways to cope while also boosting self-esteem and mood.
  3. Healthy Diet and Exercise (of course!). Finding fun ways to stay in shape will help you live longer while actually enjoying your work out. Things like gardening, swimming, or even going for a walk or jog. Increasing muscle tissue will help burn more fat which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Preventing weight gain can also be helped by eating healthier foods that are whole and natural. Things like fruits, vegetables, grains, unsaturated fats, white meat, fish, eggs and nuts are all a good sources of protein.
  4. See your University Place Chiropractor! Your Doctor of Chiropractic at Atkins Chiropractic located in University Place is not only trained, but licensed to examine and treat your entire body. Dr. Peter Atkins, D.C. can examine your nervous and musculoskeletal system to help prevent disease, boost your immune system, and keep your body well! Dr. Peter Atkins, D.C. is also skilled in recommending different exercises, stretches, and nutritional info to keep your body healthy for the long haul!

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